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Energy audits

Ranging from a general overview to complete forensic report, our qualified energy assessors undertake energy audits, at various levels of detail and scope to identify energy and carbon reduction opportunities.EnergyRating-Icon

These can be provided as an integral part of an energy or carbon reduction project or add value as part of wider refurbishment or extension projects.

Our audits will reveal a range of improvement measures available and we can put these measures in context so you understand important factors such as the level of investment required, payback period and how the measure will reduce your carbon footprint.

Energy and carbon reduction strategies

While an energy audit and data review will identify both the current operating efficiency and the scale and scope for improving efficiency, we can take this one step and produce an integrated strategy based on the findings which can be delivered using our project management resource.

Energy efficiency leasing for schools (EELS)

Although schools and academies are increasingly focussed on reducing energy bills or renewable energy, there is often limited access to finance that other sectors can take advantage of such as loans, asset finance or hire purchase agreements. Norse Energy can unlock these restrictions by offering energy efficiency and renewable energy improvements through an Operational Lease’

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Benefits to your school:
  • Fixed annual rental payments balanced against reduced energy bills making the improvement highly affordable
  • Reduced carbon footprint
  • Opportunity to generate income through government grants such as the Feed-in-Tariff and the Renewable Heat Incentive.

Funded Energy Solutions

We offer a range of energy performance contracts bringing investment to our client’s energy platforms and installations.

Beneficial energy conservation measures are identified in line with the client’s aspirations together with an investment plan to achieve them. The investment is then repaid over an agreed contract term out of energy savings that are calculated over the life of the contract. This model avoids up-front capital, savings are guaranteed and the client takes the full benefit of the savings after the contract, which is typically 8-10 years. This includes government tariffs.

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Renewable energy technologies and revenue generation – Energy Services Companies (ESCOs)

The Norse Energy service offers a range of generation and energy efficient solutions:

  • Developing options to utilise the client’s capital expenditure funds
  • A partnering solution – funded from a joint venture with two or more partners
  • Turnkey solution for energy efficiency and carbon reduction funded through Norse Energy
  • Shared energy platform and community/district services solutions
  • Complete services for renewable technology solutions of any type and scale.

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